Over 20 years experience in health & fitness

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Two years ago I decided to give up aerobics. After years of thumping and jumping around, my back and knees were telling me it was time to try something new!

A close friend had mentioned Emily several times and thought her style of training would be beneficial to me. I resisted, feeling a personal trainer was too indulgent and too expensive. But I felt there was no harm in trying.

I liked Emily immediately. A tiny little pocket rocket, with boundless enthusiasm and a real desire to help her clients feel and look as good as they can be. Her unique blend of Tracy Anderson, Pilates, yoga and Barre had almost an immediate effect on my shape. The 'saddlebag/hip' area I'd so reluctantly carried around for years sort of melted away. Within three months I was so much more confident in my body. Her method gently but effectively re-sculpts you and makes you feel leaner and more in touch with your body. But it's not just a one hour training session you get with her. Within your 'me time', Emily is always interested in how you are feeling both physically and mentally. She is genuinely interested. She'll use various hands on treatments as part of the session if that's what you want or she'll listen if there's an type of exercise you want to include in that session or an area of your body you'd particularly like to target.

She is also constantly looking for ways to improve her own body and mind and passes on little gems she's discovered to her clients. She's passionate about nutrition and encourages juicing and healthy eating but is never judgmental of her clients' own eating and drinking habits.

Two years on, I'm still benefitting from my sessions with her and am 'Empowered' with her a part of my life.



I have known Emily Owen for quite a few years now beginning with personal training at St Georges Hill Tennis club. She introduced me to how you can work your body in another way - so different to machine work.  She develops as she practices her passion. She is constantly learning and embellishing what she offers.  Each client is treated individually and each session is tailored to fit that client.  I have particularly benefitted from Tapping (EFT).  Emily is open to everything spiritual and physical and that is the beauty of what she offers.  You can feel her empathy and sensitivity.  She is a unique trainer.  She has so much to offer it is like opening a box of sweets -  choosing what most suits you from her many gifts and talents. 



I have been training for over 3 years now with Emily twice a week, and I sincerely believe it’s the best thing I can do for myself.  I began to notice the benefits of her program shortly after I started exercising with her last August.  Not only did I feel firmer and stronger, but I started receiving compliments on my posture and toned arms.   My horse riding instructor commented on my improved position and better balance, no doubt as a result of a strengthened core.  During skiing this winter, I felt an increased stamina that made the sport much more satisfying.  I have found the challenge of each workout extremely gratifying, and the program changes and progresses before I can get bored.  Emily is an attentive trainer, but she is neither condescending nor overbearing.  She has a pleasant disposition that makes each session enjoyable.  With Emily’s close guidance I know I’m doing each exercise safely and most effectively. In short, I feel so much more confident.  I highly recommend Emily and her training method. 

Jackie Lee Wilson


I started training with Emily 6 years ago after a shoulder operation to help me re-balance my body and build up my strength. Within a year I had regained full range of movement in my shoulder and was physically realigned.

We progressed to the Tracy Anderson method and I cannot believe the difference in my body shape, core strength and overall flexibility.

Emily has a very holistic approach to health and fitness, encouraging her clients to incorporate healthy eating and wellness techniques into their lifestyle to get the maximum benefit from her
training sessions.

 Jane Sowerby


 I had  shoulder surgery 6 years ago and struggled with my mobility and pain. I has all sorts of physiotherapies and training methods but nothing seemed to help. But since I've started training with Emily less than a year ago, she has helped me regain my mobility and flexibilty.

Now I am on a strict fitness regime ( The Tracy Anderson Method) and with her suggestions on certain eating habit changes, I am more fit than I have ever been and have lost 9kg! I am back to playing tennis. My quality of life has improved. I am in less pain than I've ever been before. I understand my body better. I still have some way to go, but I am really enjoying my training with Emily and I am so pleased with my transformation.

 Frances O'Reilly


I have been training with Emily Owen for over 5 years now, and can honestly say I have completely changed shape in that time.

When I started I was reasonably fit, and didn’t really have much weight to lose, but was bored with the same old exercises, and seem to have hit something of a plateau. Those annoying, problem wobbly bits just wouldn’t go away!

Using the Tracy Anderson method with her own twist, Emily has succeeded in reshaping my body.  The programme changes and builds constantly, continuing to challenge both muscles and mind, never allowing boredom to set in.

I look forward to each and every session, and have fun at the same time as achieving results.

Try it, it works!

Caroline Agnew


I’ve been training with Emily for over 10 years now. Emily is a brilliant person, a true professional on all fronts, she goes above and beyond! She taught me to connect with my core, breath, and allow myself to be…all with a smile!



I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Emily, she explains things in a clear and concise way so you can actually understand what an exercise is doing to your body.

My body shape has definitely changed since starting the Tracy Anderson Method and my core has really improved following the after affects of childbirth.

I genuinely look forward to my sessions with Emily, now training with everyone else would just feel so wrong!

Liza Hicks


Emily is very personable. She has managed to put me at ease in the gym, enabled  me to’ find’ my core and work on it. She has made me aware of posture and is helping me to improve on this. Her training routines vary constantly to challenge clients, avoid boredom, and adapt to changing requirements. Before a recent skiing holiday my programme was completely altered to concentrate on exercises that would help with skiing.



People if you live in Surrey/Middlesex areas and looking for a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, check out this website, I cannot recommend Emily enough, she changed my life for the better over 10 years ago, I got my health and fitness in check. Honestly not your typical PT, so knowledgable, at the top of her game. If I lived nearer I would still be training with Emily Owen. Check it out peps, you will not be disappointed.



I have worked with Emily (EmPower) for around 20 months and during this time have seen huge improvements in my body and my mind.

Her sessions require your total concentration to perform the exercises correctly. Each exercise is clearly demonstrated and explanations provided as to its' purpose and aim and they work! Sessions are never repetitive - the programme is altered regularly and your body needs to adapt to the new demands and is not allowed to coast along in familiarity.

Emily is a very spiritual holistic person and she radiates kindness and genuine interest in the well-being of her clients. We also share laughter midst the pain and I absolutely love our sessions.

She is a fab masseuse and has mastered many holistic treatments so offers the full package of benefits for your health and happiness.



Emily has treated me on a number of occasions using the Myo-Fascial release technique and I have found the treatment has helped to make my legs feel lighter and less painful. She seems to be able to find the painful knots and ease them away using gentle and firm pressure which I understand softens the surrounding tissue. It is an unusual approach but feels very natural and in tune with the body. It results in a sense of well being and familiarity with the troublesome aches and pains which one has learned to live with over the years but which in fact benefit from the specific but gentle release that the treatment gives.