Over 20 years experience in health & fitness

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Have you ever felt like you were just going through the motions in your fitness regimes?

All we hear is you have to work out, push your body and punish yourself fit. Are you open to another way of being creative with your body and creating deep change without cardio? Yes no cardio!

Ever wondered would it feel like to be more aware and conscious of your body? When you allow yourself to have this connection YOU have the power to change and your body will reward you with results that can be faster than you ever thought possible. Sound more fun and interesting to you?

Say Hello to your Accessory Muscles

Ladies we need to start connecting mentally and physically with your accessory muscles (pic). These are the small deep mucles around the glutes/bottom, core and arms (your toning muscles) The majority of women are focusing on their large muscle groups these poor muscles become overworked fatigued (overly toxic as with lactic acid, which can create cellulite) and therefore create an imbalance in the body and sometimes bulk! Are you searching for a more? I was too and Empower Personal Training was born:

Welcome to an intelligent and conscious style of Personal Training. Greatly inspired by the Tracy Anderson Method (Thank you Tracy for changing my body and my life) with the added magic of Yoga, Pilates Techniques, Dance and Barre with great emphasis on the breath.

With my approach which is intense (some would say technical) and very rewarding you be discovering muscles you never knew you had. Not only does it create a longer leaner look by pulling in the larger muscle groups its increases flexibility, reduces stress/fatigue and toxicity and your posture will thank you for it too.

Programmes: With over 1000 different exercises to connect to your accessory muscles, my approach stimulates the muscles in so many different ways your body and your mind never bores or plateaus. Check out my gallery for a sample of the exercises. Every programme is balanced specifically so your whole body is targeted. It generally takes about 5 sessions to master a programme and then another 3/5 to really create the deep change then your programme will change this is an ongoing process.

Does this all sound very serious? I hope not …. I would like to assist you in creating a space and time in your day that can be fun ….. interesting … as intense as you would like it to be ….. and to totally focus on you.

Who will benefit?

My method is specifically designed for woman.

My clients have ranged from 16-65.

If you are already fit and desire something more – this will be perfect for you.

New to exercise and not sure where to start – this will also be perfect for you

For anyone who is looking to create a change I would love to assist you.

Personal Training Prices

Personal Training 1 hour Sessions

Single session: £70

Block of 10 sessions: £630
Block of 5 sessions: £325

Payment options


Double session for Personal Training (2 people)

Single session: £40 each (£80 total)

Block of 10 sessions: £375 each (£750 total)
Block of 5 sessions: £195 each (£390 total)

Payment options


Please Note:

  • All Block bookings must be paid for in advance via paypal or bank transfer.
  • All sessions must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.
  • Notice of less than 24 hrs cancellation will incur full payment of the session fee.