Over 20 years experience in health & fitness

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Using 'Emily's Dance Sculpt Method'

(Utilising & expanding Pilates Techniques & Yoga Moves)

What is Dance Sculpt?

My creative & fun techniques will teach you to re-shape your body the dancers way. You don't need to be a professional dancer simply be open to a new and empowering way to connect with your muscles to create deep and powerful change. Allow me to inspire you.

My dance inspired sculpting movements specifically target those underutilised forgotten muscles that dancers can access effortlessly with fantastic results.

No more endless cardio

No more punishing workouts, no more doing the same old thing and expecting different results? No more calorie counting! I hear you sigh with relief. There is another way.

Change your Mind-set Change your life

I will help you to change your mind-set (change your body) on how high intensity fat burning and body sculpting workouts can Feel and Look!  No heavy weights in sight, you'll be working with your body as dancers do to create a lean longer and defined feminine look. Sculpting in a dancer's way will tighten, tone and strengthen your body efficiently refining your overall shape. Lets transform and balance you.

The best of what I have learnt in the last 20 years

I look forward to sharing with you only the best of what I have learnt in over 20 years of fitness research and training. I would like to thank Tracy Anderson a celebrity endorsed personal trainer who in my opinion is one of the best female trainers in the industry. With her over 15 years of scientific (tried & tested) research into connecting with the underutilised forgotten small muscles she re-sculpted and transformed Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow's, Cheryl Cole's and my own body -  thus opening up a total new way of fitness that I have been enhancing and developing for over 6 years.

It's time to Work Smarter ladies with less morning after soreness, less lactic acid and therefore less cellulite.

Optimum Results

Emily's well rounded 60 minute workout 4 times a week.

I understand if this is not realistic for you so I can assure you that consistent 2 sessions a week you will see and feel amazing benefits once you have connected to your body in this new way.

I will also happily write you a programme that you can do in your own time if you choose to increase your result at no extra cost.

Nutritional/supplement and lifestyle advice is also at no extra cost.

"Your Success is My Success"

I look forward to connecting with you.


Who will benefit?

My method is specifically designed for woman.

My clients have ranged from 16-65.

If you are already fit and desire something more – this will be perfect for you the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle in fitness.

New to exercise and not sure where to start – this will also be perfect for you

For anyone who desires to open up to a new and empowering way to connect with your body

Personal Training Prices

Personal Training 1 hour Sessions

Single session: £70

Block of 10 sessions: £630
Block of 5 sessions: £325

Payment options


Double session for Personal Training (2 people)

Single session: £40 each (£80 total)

Block of 10 sessions: £375 each (£750 total)
Block of 5 sessions: £195 each (£390 total)

Payment options


Please Note:

  • All Block bookings must be paid for in advance via paypal or bank transfer.
  • All sessions must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.
  • Notice of less than 24 hrs cancellation will incur full payment of the session fee.