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"Feeling beautiful on the inside and out"

Reflexology and Acupuncture for the face without needles and the same results!

The Natural Face Lift uses ancient massage techniques originating from Japan along with Ayurveda the healing method from India. These techniques have over time been refined for the West.  The treatment is wonderfully nurturing and relaxing and many clients fall asleep. Perfect if you are looking for 'a total bliss experience' with the added healing energy balance from the acupressure and reflexology.

"The results truly speak for themselves, not only do I love giving this treatment but seeing clients looking in the mirror afterwards glowing and smiling is a gift in itself."


What can you expect from the Natural Facelift Massage?

  • Grounding and making contact with your body - Firstly your shoulders and neck will be massaged using a variety of techniques and gentle stretching. This encourages a state of deep relaxation in your body, allowing more profound healing benefits to take place.
  • Gentle acupressure and reflexology is then applied to your face to balance your body's organs and energy systems (sometimes known as Meridians or Chakras) promoting a deep sense of peace and emotional wellbeing in the body and the mind.ZLifting, stretching, toning and smoothing - Specially tailored movements are then used on the face breaking down any adhesions in the skin.  This helps to iron out any wrinkles and stress is relieved from the face resulting in the natural uplift. The pressure is firm yet tender and you will feel a relaxing yet invigorating sensation of your skin being stretched and lifted. These stress lines and adhesions in the face when broken down (gently) leave a brighter more youthful appearance.
  • Stabilizing the treatment then takes place encouraging the brain and fascial muscle to establish the new muscle memory.
  • Lymphatic Drainage - extremely light and gentle techniques are used to remove toxins from the face and the body.
  • Final grounding of the body - bringing the body back to waking consciousness ready to start the day, go home to relax or perhaps and evening out to share your youthful glow.

Natural Face Lift Massage is a holistic 55 min treatment incorporating the face, head, neck and shoulders and feet


How often should I receive the treatment?

A lifted, brighter, rejuvenated more rested appearance can be seen after just one treatment.

I like to relate it to my personal training: one session will uplift, energize and hopefully leave you with enthusiasm but as we all know consistency and maintenance is key.

I also encourage my clients to become more aware of other ways to enhance their wellbeing through, exercise, juicing and managing their stress. After all it is, 'Your Happiness that is Your Gift to the people around you.'

"Text book" suggestion for optimal results is 6 treatments over a month. However, if time or resources prevent you from adopting the suggested treatment plan, I do believe you will still get a significant holistic benefit from Natural Face Lift Massage if you just have a treatment as often as you feel able.



I just got treated to a fabulous natural facial by Emily, no needles, all au naturel! My face feels alive, refreshed and glowing, just what I needed after a hectic day at work! It is such an enjoyable hour, I can’t wait to have my next session…A fabulous result, highly recommended!
I have been seeing Emily for regular massages for over 4 years now, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Her ability to connect with my body allows me to release any tension without the pain as she works with my body allowing it to free up with ease.
I just sampled her wonderful facelift. She literally massaged away the stress from my face. While I was having the massage I felt like I was in heaven and when she finished I was so relaxed and ready for the day. I am so happy to have Emily in my life.
The natural facelift is both a relaxing and invigorating experience at the same time. The gentle touch transports you into total relaxation and the results confirm this is also a facelift. I highly recommend this treatment and cannot wait for the next one. I believe a block of treatments will show amazing results.
The massage technique made my skin look brighter and plumper. Along with the therapeutic and relaxing element. I really noticed a difference and will definitely be having one on a regular basis.
Had my first facelift massage with Emily and the whole experience was absolutely wonderful. She has a great attitude and feel for the right pressure to bring out the best feeling ever! Booked in again for Friday can't wait.

Natural Face Lift Massage

60 minutes: £65

Block of 5 60 minute treatments: £300

90minutes: £85

Block of 5 90 minute treatments: £385

Payment options


Please Note:

  • All Block bookings must be paid for in advance via paypal or bank transfer.
  • All sessions must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.
  • Notice of less than 24 hrs cancellation will incur full payment of the session fee.