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How to alkalize your body

What is alkaline and what is acidic?

If you tested your pH level right now, you could immediately determine if you are alkaline or acidic. If your body was alkaline, you could expect to feel great and have a light body, positive mood, and strong immune system. If your body was acidic, you could expect to feel heavy, gain weight, and experience pain and inflammation in the body. Certain foods have an acidifying effect on the body after consumption, and certain foods have an alkalizing effect. You can assist your body to maintain its acid-alkaline balance to some degree by eating and drinking alkaline or acidic foods.

Relaxation and feelings of love and joy create an alkaline environment, where stress creates an acidic environment within the body. When your body is alkaline you can experience weight loss, energy, healing, strong immune system, no pain and no bloating, and a feeling of vibrancy.

1. Drink lemon water

You might think lemon is acidic because of it's sourness but it actually leaves an alkaline ash in the body. Start the day by drinking a big glass of lemon water, squeeze 1 lemon into 2 cups of water. You can also squeeze lemon over your salads or vegetables. Mixing lemon juice and olive oil is an excellent alkalizing salad dressing.

2. Eat natural sweets Watermelon, Apples, Pears, Dates

These are the most alkalizing fruits. When you are craving something sweet fill your body up on these "natures candy" which will also keep your body out of acidic zone!

3. Eat Asparagus 

Eat asparagus at least once per week! Asparagus is extremely alkalizing as well as an anti-bacterial. Eat it raw if you can, or add it to your juice or smoothies. You could also steam it, and stir fry it. 

4. Leafy Greens including Spinach and Parsley 

You could add spinach, parsley, lettuce, collard greens and kale to a smoothie. You could also make it into a juice and use some green apple to make it nice and sweet. To make an alkalizing salad add spinach, parsley, lettuce, collard greens and cilantro to a bowl. Then add some avocado and use a dressing of olive oil and lemon!

Enjoy this "Green Salad" recipe that is highly alkaline!

Makes 1 epically massive salad for 1-4 people! Get creative with this. Add watermelon and pear to make it sweeter. Make it bright!

½ a lettuce ripped into smaller pieces
½ a kale ripped into smaller pieces
10 raw asparagus
1 cup spinach
1 handful fresh parsley
1 large radish finely sliced
1 avocado cut into cubes or slices
1 cucumber chopped into cubes
1 clove of garlic diced
1 green chilli chopped into small pieces
1 small piece of ginger diced
1 purple onion chopped in thin slices
1 cup of alfalfa sprouts
1 green apple chopped into thin slices
1 celery stalk chopped into cubes
1 lemon, juiced for the dressing
2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil for dressing

1. Combine all ingredients together and toss in a bowl!
2. Drizzle with olive oil and a squeeze of a lemon for the dressing.

5. Eat root vegetables including Onions, Garlic, Beet and Sweet Potato 

Isn't is great news that sweet potatoes are alkalizing? These root vegetables provide a lot of health benefits to the body including being alkaline. You can juice these ingredients to consume them raw, or boil them into a soup, bake them or stir fry them!

 Always have fun


6 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

1. Become friends with your juicer/ blender

Incorporating more living food into your diet in the form of raw vegetable and fruits and nuts. Cooking food above 118 degrees destroys the living enzymes and its vitality. Maintaining the life force in your food will enhance the life force in you.

2. Keep hydrated

Water makes up 2/3 of the body and performs a plethora of functions including detoxification, weight loss, increased energy and mental alertness.

3. Get out into nature

In our busy lifestyles we can forget about nature. Nature can be so grounding and calming for the body and the mind.

4. Engage in some form of resistance exercise

Connect with your deep postural muscles - your body will thank you. Focusing on your smaller muscles ( your toning muscles) will pull your larger muscles in resulting in a longer leaner look.
Look how free children move when they run and play effortlessly. They innately use their deep postural muscles.
As we age due to lifestyle these muscles become neglected! We then proceed to go to the gym and work on our larger superficial muscles which can often result in injury. Reconnecting with this deep muscular structure is very empowering.

5. Breathe

Practice meditation and deep breathing techniques. Breathing from you stomach reduces anxiety and is also anti ageing.
Breath also aids the lymphatic system in releasing toxins from the body. Our lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like the heart and is stimulated by deep breathing exercise and massage.

6. Practice random acts of kindness

This will enhance the happiness of both the giver and the receiver and also for anyone else observing the kindness.
So everyone is a winner


Massage the Pain and Stress Away with Myofascial Release

Every event in our life whether it be physical or emotional is stored in our cellular memory. Our cellular memory lies within our fascia. Our fascia is our connective tissue.

Using Myofascial Release therapy this can aid our emotional wellbeing as well as our physical.

It is a deeply relaxing treatment.

Nothing is forced the body simply guides my hands as to where it feels it needs to heal.

Through my 14 years of experience in massage the most effective treatment is when I listen to the clients (your) body. Your body always knows what it needs even if your mind is a little confused sometimes.

If you feel your body is not healing with conventional treatments may be this resonates more with you.

Yours in Health and Happiness